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The thread break sensor is the silver tube that runs horizonally across the 
middle of the needle case. All of your threads are wrapped around this tube. 
Sometime this tube needs to be rotated gently back and forth to reposition it 
slightly. This tube is what the auto acti-feed uses to operate by.....

In OS, go into "Settings", "Threadfeed", and about mid-way in the display page, 
you will see "Auto-lower limit". This setting will allow you to set a material 
thickness that will not allow auto acti-feed to go below. Works great for 
caps....set it to 6 and you will have better looking embroidery with less 
thread breaks.....but...but .....but....you must remember to set it back to 1 
or 2 when going back to the flat mode or you will have loopy looking embroidery 
and or false thread breaks because the machine will be throwing too much thread 
and the thread break sensor will give bad readings if the thread is in a loose 
condition around it.

The one other item that will cause the false thread breaks is a worn take-up 
lever cam disk. If this is not lubricated properly and I would not advise 
waiting for the timers to come up on the 10 million stitch count to tell you it 
is time, and it becomes worn because of a lack of lubrication, then the take-up 
levers will not pull the thread up high enough on the up stroke causing another 
loose thread condition and .....false thread breaks and a tech call for 
sure.....as it is a difficult part to replace....

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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