[amayausers] Re: False Bobbin Breaks

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  • Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 21:07:44 EDT

You are checking the bobbin itself right? (under then tension bar -- if  
that's the right term)
Dorothy  Compton
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russell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I  actually tried it manually and I still got false breaks, it had happened  
before with OS version 6.08.027 so I shut off bobbin detect and forgot  about 
it, pinch rollers are all cleaned and greased also, still no change.  I am in 
the habit of checking my bobbin all the time so I don't worry  about it 
running out but I am training someone else to run my machines and  would like 
it to work properly. Could it be a bad bobbin sensor? If so, is  it something 
I can change myself?


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> If  Dianne's suggestions don't work, I suggest going "Standard" and turn 
>  off
> the Auto Actifeed.
> Sharon
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>> The first thing I check is the material  thickness. If I get a lot of 
>> false
>> thread breaks with  no actual break the material thickness seems to be too
>>  thick.
>> Next I would check the red pinch rollers. Maybe  clean and grease them.
>> Dianne Hasemeyer
>>  D-Stitch Embroidery
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>> Subject: [amayausers] False Bobbin  Breaks
>> Hi All,
>>    I keep getting  false bobbin breaks, I am using OS version 6.08.522 
>>  with
>> Auto Actifeed enabled, any  suggestions?
>> Thank you
>> Russell  Silva
>> R.S. Embroidery
>>  508-222-4433

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