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1. False bobbin breaks on most needles if not all
2. Thread breaks in half while sewing on some needles if not all. 
3. Unthreads needles to left and right of sewing needle.

What I have tried:

1. Installed new amaya xt roller kit
2. installed new amaya xt thread break sensor bar kit
3. 16 brand new needles
4. new bobbin case and checked bobbin case tension.
5. cleaned bobbin area.  No lint, no bird nests, added one drop of oil.
6. Tried three different designs.  Some do sew longer than others before I get 
one of my issues.  Designs are mostly standard Amaya font text.
7. Adjusted pressure foot. Tried every setting one click at a time several 
8. Running OS 9 and using Auto tension.
9. This is an Amaya XT (red) machine.
10 Tried different shirts / backing and hooping tensions.


False Bobbin Breaks - No clue here.  seems to happen more often on smaller 
letters that larger letters.  Also needle 16 and 3 that I was testing on has 
false bobbin breaks about every 3-5 seconds.  But when I test on my black 
thread and white thread needles I do not get false bobbin breaks.  It just 
snaps the thread in half as it sews about every 10-30 seconds or so.

Unthreading Needles -

If I sew on needle 4, then needle 3 and 2 will unthread themselves.  

I did have a tech out about two weeks ago to go over the machine and it was 
sewing fine.  About a week later it started doing false thread breaks, then 
false bobbin breaks.  Melco thought it was the older thread sensor bar, so we 
ordered the new one and installed that yesterday and still have the same 

We will probabaly call out a tech again, but just wanted to go over what we 
have done to see if anyone has any other ideas.



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