[amayausers] Re: False Bobbin Breaks

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 11:30:46 +1000

When on automatic feed, the feed amount on the display should fluctuate
when starting and stopping, but fairly constant during normal sewing.

If the feed is too low, you will get false breaks, and I would suggest
that you tighten the bobbin tension. If tightening the tension does not
help, I would check that there is nothing stopping the tension screw
from applying enough tension, ie some lint or thread.

Also check that the column/run feed settings are set to default.

Hope this helps.


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You are checking the bobbin itself right? (under then tension bar -- if

that's the right term)
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russell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I  actually tried it manually and I still got false breaks, it had
before with OS version 6.08.027 so I shut off bobbin detect and forgot
it, pinch rollers are all cleaned and greased also, still no change.  I
am in 
the habit of checking my bobbin all the time so I don't worry  about it 
running out but I am training someone else to run my machines and  would
it to work properly. Could it be a bad bobbin sensor? If so, is  it
I can change myself?


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> If  Dianne's suggestions don't work, I suggest going "Standard" and
>  off
> the Auto Actifeed.
> Sharon
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>> The first thing I check is the material  thickness. If I get a lot of

>> false
>> thread breaks with  no actual break the material thickness seems to
be too
>>  thick.
>> Next I would check the red pinch rollers. Maybe  clean and grease
>> Dianne Hasemeyer
>>  D-Stitch Embroidery
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>> Subject: [amayausers] False Bobbin  Breaks
>> Hi All,
>>    I keep getting  false bobbin breaks, I am using OS version
>>  with
>> Auto Actifeed enabled, any  suggestions?
>> Thank you
>> Russell  Silva
>> R.S. Embroidery
>>  508-222-4433

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