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I don't disagree with anything you've said.  You're right . .. .one
expensive repair could "wipe out" our tidy little savings account.  However,
you could also pay and pay and pay for a warranty that you never use.  It's
a gamble either way!  We choose to keep our $$'s closer to home and have it
available if and when it is needed.  As I stated in my origianl post, it is
what works for us because we have a tech close by and don't have to pay
exhorbinant travel expenses.  Someone else may find it is more cost
efficient to pay for the warranty.  We don't feel we are "taking a chance" .
. .we have researched this as you stated and have found this is the way for
us to go.  

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My thoughts to anyone debating whether to go for extended warranty...
I'd give your local service tech a call, and ask him/her point blank....how
much to show up here and replace __________ and fill in something you
wouldn't want to replace on your own. Try reciprocator cam follower...or
maybe 'needle plate assembly' or 'laser sensor' for the color change.
Then figure out with their 'travel time' charge, and estimated 'repair time'
and parts cost...whether you really want to take a chance!
I've heard that if you screw up the cogs that set the needle position track
or whatever it is...that it can run $thousands$....Rod or Sharon, maybe you
can fill in a blank here...something that you've seen replaced frequently!
I know, putting money in savings means it's 'your' money and may not be
used...but-it only takes ONCE to wipe that out and more!

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