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I believe you have a combination type of problem.
First, you are sewing on Pique' fabric - also known as "Polo Shirt" fabric - 
understanding there are several grades of such and is one of the least easiest 
fabrics to embroider on.

Second and more importantly, you say you converted vector art into stitches.  
This is where you might need to focus your attention.  I've always told folks 
that if they were going to use the "auto digitizing" feature in the software, 
they should be prepared to edit the file as necessary should they not get the 
results their looking for on the first go 'round.  
If you are not familiar with the editing tools and how to use them in Design 
Shop, I suggest you not look to the "convert to stitches" feature as your first 
choice for digitizing.  Understand that I say this not to insult, but more out 
of sincerity for your success.  I know many digitizers who use other brands of 
software who say the same thing about "auto digitizing" in general so know this 
is not a Design Shop issue.

First of all, when you start to deal with small lettering, you are venturing 
into very difficult territory for many embroiderers.  So don't loose the faith 
but be willing for many late nights filled with practice, practice, practice.

Some things you need to consider is that when you specify that the lettering is 
.4" tall, that is referring to the capital letters involved.  The lower case 
letters are even smaller which can make your settings a little different when 
working on a small scale.

When it come's to alignment of letters, one has to appreciate the "pull" factor 
and this will be affected by a number of things such as density, backing, 
underlay, quality of shirt fiber, and so on.  This is where the practice come 
into play.

However, I believe your design is most probably sub-par.  If you'd like to send 
it to me, I'd be happy to take a look at it and tell you more.

In short, I would suggest you stick to using the EA Fonts (Embroidery 
Alphabets) and OA (Operator Alphabets) listed in Design Shop if you are looking 
for accuracy in quickly typed lettering.  All bets are off on the True Type 
Fonts (TT).  Some will sew out well, others, not so much.  If the logo is that 
important, you may choose to have it hand digitized by someone with experience 
as opposed to using the lettering tool feature.  (Sometimes you just can't find 
the specific font you're looking for in Melco's long list of fonts.)
I'm also wondering what version of Design Shop are you using?  You can click on 
"Help" and then "About" to find this number. (ex. 7.00.014)

I have a design I quickly threw together for you and I will send it to your 
email address at rj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Let us know how it looks in comparison.

Hope this helps.
Ed Orantes


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