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  • From: "Juli Damazo" <julid@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 06:26:55 -1000

The troube with the red text is that you did it from a vector drawing instead of a text digitized for embroidery file. Everything that is long are all columns and I bet that they start at the top and sew to the bottom. That is what these columns do! They stretch out. An experienced digitizer with simply shorten them. So go into your design and make all the long parts shorter. It is a guessing game as to how much, but shorten them all the same amount. That should take care of the red text.

Now the white text. You really should have some underlay - in this case a center line will do. And I would shorten the stitches on the underlay otherwise the underlay will cut across the small curves. Try a stitch length of 1.2 and check to see if you can see any underlay sticking out. If so, you can either shorten the stitch length more or just manually move the stitches to hide them. It will help lift the satin stitches so they won't sink in so much. And you have to use solvy on top. You could also try using a #10 or #9 needle. With the #9 needle you should use 60 wh thread, but with the #10 needle you can still use the reg 40 wt. Using a #10 needle will make a BIG difference. Hard to believe, but very true.

Isn't this fun? But what a learning experience. Small letters is one of the hardest things to get right! There are whole seminars on just that subject.

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