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Ok...so first off you guys are all amazing for helping me with this and not 
even knowing me and me being completely new to this site...so thanks for all 
the above advice and any further advice to come...I greatly appreciate it and 
am looking forward to learning from you (the pros...hehe)

Ok here is a scanned image of what I got...the cyan lines I drew in after the 
scan to show the uneven baseline....but you can see the embroidery looks really 
bad because it doesn't look evenly laid down, the columns in the text are not 
consistent, etc...really frustrating because it seems like a really simple job.

This is what I did:
Red text was insterted in as a .eps file, converted to stitches - lettering, 
lettering height is .5", 4.2 density, 110% pull comp, center walk underlay of 
20 pt and a fabric adjust set to medium knit and .25-.5 text height setting.

White text is Melco Script Font done in DS, lettering height is .4", 4.2 
density, 110% pull comp, no underlay and a fabric adjust set to medium knit and 
.25-.5 text height setting.

I used two piece of 2.0 oz cut away backing and a solvy top.  Acti-feed is set 
to auto.  The shirt material is 60% cotton and 40% polyester...pique?...and 
speed is just at 700spm

So you guys have tossed a lot of tips out above but I think I have put 
everything out on the table now for you to see what I am doing and my 
results...so based on these any suggestions?  Going to try some of the settings 
Steve and GF have suggested now and Fred look out for an email from me later 


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