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  • Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 16:15:39 +0200

Wonderful John,

that is a comment I totally agree!

Cheers Rick
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        OK, I have removed my post to have the team removed, can we all now 
vote to keep the team in or remove it? As I am still unhappy about the rules 
and replies at ITBYC I vote Yes remove the team. I will still be a registered 

        Theo says;

        "> I support Teamracing in ACC even when I think the ACC is totally 
unfit :)"

        I say " Vive la différence" well done the rc44 is a fine vessel but I 
prefer the ACC, some prefer the Melges? There is no accounting for taste.

        What can you do for us Theo ? All we wish to do is Team Race in ACC 
with some good competitors to learn from. It looks like the ITBYC or the VTC 
cannot accommadate us, any suggestions are welcome :>)

        Cheers, John.

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          Date: Saturday, 5 June, 2010, 12:51

          > Last time i looked there are more beerdrinkers then team racers :)
          I like that, but didnt get that feel until, now... have i to wait 10 
years ? LOL (just a joke)

          > I support Teamracing in ACC even when I think the ACC is totally 
unfit :)
          I disagree and should like to meet you in our micros. Sure, you could 
add worth.

          > you actually may find quite some support amongst
          > ITBYC members :)  aswell as in the larger VSK community.
          Yep, I agree and thanks you :)

          >> Why not, John, but we should vote therefor.
          I agree, we should all to give our point of view. But maybe a little 
bit late now... To check advantages versus disadvantages, i should say the i 
dont care to be or not in ITBYC since we cant race there. But ITBYC could 
understand our renunciation as a reprimand when we regulary use their TS. What 
is the advantage to withdraw from ITBYC ? I dont see. Are they nationalists, i 
dont believe untill now.


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