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Dear Friends
I read your messages only today.
There is a really incompatibility problem between us and Itbyc (boat, 
Our Team is an young team, but we are very UNITED (lol) and we believe in what 
we do.

 But If we cannot race with them and no team wants to race with us .... We need 
to stay in ITBYC?
To race is important for us!

So i think we could stay in ITBYC if they accept our diversity and some team 
accept to race with us: if this is impossible We have to withdraw from ITBYC 
and search other way.

I think that, but it true too that we could remain isolate for the rest of 

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> I will still be a registered skipper.

I didnt know we could stay as individuals. In that case, as our team
does not comply with their rules i agree that the UNT could withdraw
from ITBYC due to the rule incompatibility.

Very sorry if i look like a guy who did big noise for nothing.


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