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Thanx Theo for your messages!
This maybe could be a reason to stay in ITBYC...

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R 18 is on (again)  the moment boats are on the same tack, the right to
mark-room was decided when either of them entered the zone.
I thoink Anton passed head to wind too .... ?

Am 04.06.2010 17:10, schrieb jd-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> Dear THEO,
>> A boat cannot loose its right to mark room by taking more room then she
>> is entitled to, however if she takes more room then she is entitled to
>> she will no longer be exonerated from breaking a rule.
> OK. I agree.
> How do you handle the rule 18.2(c):
> 18.2 Giving Mark-Room
>  (c) When a boat is required to give mark-room by rule 18.2(b), she
> shall continue to do so even if later an overlap is broken or a
> new overlap begins. However, if either boat passes head to
> wind or if the boat entitled to mark-room leaves the zone, rule
> 18.2(b) ceases to apply.
> AIMO and ALB had passed their head to wind before ANTON hitted them.
> Have they loose their rights to mark-room defined by 18.2(b) ?
> Regards,
> Jluc

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