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What is your Area Code, the name and state of your
city/town, and the names of 2 or 3 cities/towns around
you that you can phone without a toll charge?

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>  I read all your replies and thank you for your suggestions. We are a
> captivemarket with only one isp (unless you go with satellite for mega $'s
> per month and then why would I be complaining?). We may try to just pay the
> extra extortion money and cut back on something else. But if worse comes to
> worse, perhaps I can buckle down to something like juno and use a dial
> aroundlike onesuite.com at 2.9 cents per minute for minimal email and web
> access. That would only be cheap compared to what we'll be paying when the
> new rate increase goes into effect. I had hoped that after all these years
> since the first isp came to town, that rates would slowly drop, or that
> otherisp's would eventually move into the neighborhood. Instead, we get
> this.If anyone ever hears of a free or dirt-cheap dial-around or satellite
> isp, do please post the information here. Thank you. 

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