[24hoursupport] Re: System.ini's, spare stack's & MinSP's, oh my!!

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You are not seeing the things I am asking for because you are not receiving
a BSOD.  That stands for Blue Screen of Death and is called such because
when you get it you can do nothing.  You are dead in the water and have to
turn the PC off to recover.  What you are getting is some sort of
application error.  It is possible to get it from the OS, but more likely
you are getting it from an installed application.  Does this happen on boot
up?  If so, click Start / Run and type in msconfig in the run line and run
that.  On the General tab use "Diagnostic Startup" and reboot the system.
Do you get the error?  If this does not happen on bootup, then what steps do
you have to take to re-create the error?  Post exactly what you do see on
the error screen.  Pay attention to the blue title bar at the top of the
error window.  What's in there?




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You're missing a lot of needed information here.
    Sorry about that, I was kind of in a hurry and forgot.

What is the brand/type of PC,
    Gateway Select 900

or processor and amount of RAM?
    64MB, I keep trying to get more memory, but I seem to always get the
wrong kind, or it just doesn't work in my puter.

What operating system are you using?
    Windows ME.

Post more information on the BSOD.
    I don't recall exactly what it says, but it always says something about
not having enough spare stacks, it mentions the number 5 and MinSPs in
System.ini.  Then it says hit any key to continue.  I do and sometimes I go
right back to the BSOD within seconds.  Next time I get one I'll try to
write it down.
Should be in a few weeks, at most.

What is the Stop code in the top left of the screen?
    I haven't a clue what you're talking about.  I never saee anything in
the top left, just a few lines across the middle.

Is there a Phrase_separated_by_underscores?
    Not that I recall.

In the first few lines does it mention a file name that ends with .exe, .drv
or .sys?
    I don't exactly remember, but I don't think it does.
    Now, another thing is that I've only had this hard drive for a little
more than two years have written zeroes to it twice, at least, most recently
about two months ago.  A week or so later I bought a new hard drive to
replace it and it started giving me trouble in the first two weeks, so I
reverted back to this one again.  This one is a 40 gig Seagate, the new one
is a 120 gig Western Digital.  I have a 250 gig in here, too (but, at the
moment, it only gives me 127 gig), from WD and it's not giving me any
trouble at all.


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