[24hoursupport] Re: System.ini's, spare stack's & MinSP's, oh my!!

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 19:54:08 EST

In a message dated 11/19/2004 3:45:41 AM Central Standard Time, 
spider1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You are not seeing the things I am asking for because you are not receiving a 
BSOD.  That stands for Blue Screen of Death and is called such because when 
you get it you can do nothing.  You are dead in the water and have to turn the 
PC off to recover.
    Well, that's what I thought, but a few months ago I asked someone about 
it and they (as well as two or three other puter geeks) called it the BSOD, so 
I just assumed that that was what that was called.
    Also, I don't have to wait another few weeks to get it again, I just got 
it a few minutes ago.  Here's what it says, verbatim:
There are no stack pages.  It may be necessary to increase the settings of 
'MinSPs' in System.ini to prevent possible stack faults.  There are currently 5 
SPs allocated.
                                    Press any key to continue
    It ALWAYS tells me that there are 5 SPs, the number never changes.  I 
just now changed the MinSPs to 444.  I think, the next time I get it I'll just 
up to either 888 or 4444.  Not that either will do me a diddly damn bit of 
good, I suspect.

What you are getting is some sort of application error.  It is possible to 
get it from the OS, but more likely you are getting it from an installed 
ion.  Does this happen on boot up?
    Either immediately afterwards, or during.

If so, click Start / Run and type in msconfig in the run line and run that.  
On the General tab use "Diagnostic Startup" and reboot the system. Do you get 
the error?
    I'll try this when I get off line.  I already got booted about a minute 
after I signed on.  I'd like to get SOMETHING done before I have to get off 

If this does not happen on bootup, then what steps do you have to take to 
re-create the error?  Post exactly what you do see on the error screen.  Pay 
attention to the blue title bar at the top of the error window.  What's in 
    See above for the exact message word for word; punctuation for 


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