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 I already c= ancelled my paypal account, but they're going to check this
The fact that I use a dedicated Sneak-email ebay address, means there are
very few people who could know that that address is associated with
me/ebay/paypal (I made less than five purchases with paypal to date). So it
did not come to me 'out of the blue'. I told this to paypal, and forwarded
the email to them.

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Hi Oe,
Beware of pishing/phlishing scams!

It may be a false emai= l to obtain your personal data.

DO NOT click on any links.

ds= hield Dec 04
... RE: [Dshield] PayPal pishing ? Chuck Lewis; RE: [Dshiel= d] PayPal
pishing ? ... [Dshield]
Five arrested over phishing fraud (= Germany) Fergie (Paul Ferguson); Re ...

lists.virus.org/dshield-0412/ma= illist.html - 43k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from lists.vir= us.org ] 

Booming Web Scam
... Search. Computing Center. Booming = Web Scam. Phishing ... If it's not
spyware we have
to worry about, it= 's phishing (no, not pishing). Phishing ... 
pcworld.about.com/news/Jun0= 92004id116186.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar

broadband =3DBB Fo= rums =3DBB Security =3DBB PayPal PHISH Alert 12/10
... PayPal= is doing this to protect it's valued members from fraud and
scams. ... = reply to
Holyearth all PayPal pishing should be forwarded straight to : =
www.broadbandreports.com/ forum/remark,12078923~mod= e=3D3Dflat 

Contact Pay pal with a phone number you know is from the= m not from the

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On 1/10/2005 at 10:46 PM 0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
PayPal just sent me a notice that "I just added someone with an email
= suffix of @yahoo.com" to my paypal account. I wrote them back I did no
thing. I've heard bad stories about PayPal and resisted joining for yea= rs.
Can this 'yahoo' party access my bank account? My bank says I can re= verse
any charge within 90 days afterwards, but maybe I should cancel my= PayPal?
If it happened once, seems like it could happen again. I mean, = I have *no*
idea how that got on my account, and I checked my account st= atus and
there's no record of that email being in my records. This is wa= y creepy to


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