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 Mike &Ron,
Okay I figured out how the scam works. They get you to go to their fake
paypal site, you find out there's not such email added, and you 'change your
password' at the fake site, and you log off, and nothing's really been
changed at your real paypal account but now they've got your unique email
address and password to access your real account. For some reason, their
linkdidn't work though. I'm up to here with this. I'm trying to figure out
how to cancel out of paypal but haven't figured out how yet.


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Hi Oe,
Beware of pishing/phlishing scams!

It may be a false emai= l to obtain your personal data.

DO NOT click on any links.

ds= hield Dec 04
... RE: [Dshield] PayPal pishing ? Chuck Lewis; RE: [Dshiel= d] PayPal
pishing ? ... [Dshield]
Five arrested over phishing fraud (= Germany) Fergie (Paul Ferguson); Re ...

lists.virus.org/dshield-0412/ma= illist.html - 43k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from lists.vir= us.org ] 

Booming Web Scam
... Search. Computing Center. Booming = Web Scam. Phishing ... If it's not
spyware we have
to worry about, it= 's phishing (no, not pishing). Phishing ... 
pcworld.about.com/news/Jun0= 92004id116186.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar

broadband =3DBB Fo= rums =3DBB Security =3DBB PayPal PHISH Alert 12/10
... PayPal= is doing this to protect it's valued members from fraud and
scams. ... = reply to
Holyearth all PayPal pishing should be forwarded straight to : =
www.broadbandreports.com/ forum/remark,12078923~mod= e=3D3Dflat 

Contact Pay pal with a phone number you know is from the= m not from the

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On 1/10/2005 at 10:46 PM 0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
PayPal just sent me a notice that "I just added someone with an email
= suffix of @yahoo.com" to my paypal account. I wrote them back I did no
thing. I've heard bad stories about PayPal and resisted joining for yea= rs.
Can this 'yahoo' party access my bank account? My bank says I can re= verse
any charge within 90 days afterwards, but maybe I should cancel my= PayPal?
If it happened once, seems like it could happen again. I mean, = I have *no*
idea how that got on my account, and I checked my account st= atus and
there's no record of that email being in my records. This is wa= y creepy to


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