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  • Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 17:39:59 -0800 (PST)

I found out what I'm supposed to do is forward the bogus email to
spoof@xxxxxxxxxx and then delete the email. Run a google search on
spoof@xxxxxxxxxx and it'll pop right up. I just got another bogus one from
the same party and sent it on to the spoof email address and deleted it.
Paypal better shut these people down. It's already cost them my membership
when I quit to protect myself.

Since this is the second time I got this bogus email, using my dedicated
ebaysneakemail address, my personal remedy is to change my ebay address by
going to sneakemail and making a new one and assigning it to ebay, then
shutting down the old one. That's what sneakemail is for and that's how it



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<<If it happened once, seems like it could happen ag= ain. I mean, I have 
*no* idea how that got on my account, and I checked= my account status and
no record of that email being in my reco= rds. This is way creepy to me. >>

I quite often get emails= that purport to come from PayPal, and
also sometimes eBay. If it's susp= icious, it's probably bogus. If you
are not sure, you can contact PayPal= directly, yourself, and let them
verify (or disclaim) the email you got= . It sounds "funny" to me, so I
doubt that it came from PayPal. Whatever= you do, *don't* give the
sender of that email any personal information-= --especially credit
card number, etc. Gary
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