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Here is the link to MS;

Obtaining Windows XP Setup Boot Disks
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional

This article was previously published under Q310994 
Windows XP Setup boot disks are available only by download from Microsoft.
The Setup boot disks are available so that you can run Setup on computers
that do not support a bootable CD-ROM. 

If your computer does support booting from a CD-ROM, or if network-based
installation is available, Microsoft recommends that you use those
installations methods instead.

Future products will no longer support installation via the setup boot
disks. Installation of future Microsoft Operating Systems will require the
ability to boot from the CD or PXE boot from Network. Setup boot disks that
are provided for Windows XP are provided and supported on an as is basis. 
++ There is more on the web site.

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On 02/03/2003 at 11:16 AM Ron Allen wrote:

BC> Has anyone been successful in creating a working Boot CD with the Six
Disks on it?
BC> If so I would be interested to know how you did it.

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the reminder. I need to create a set of those disks, but
now I can't remember or find how to do it. It isn't even in the help,
that I can find.

Once I create a set, I'd like to figure a way to put them on CD too so I'll
look into that.



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