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I agree with you, to a point.  Salary.com is useful IF YOU WORK IN THE
PRIVATE SECTOR.  I work for a non-profit agency; have for years.  I am paid
roughly 30% to 40% less than other professionals in my area.  However, I
have no way of knowing whether or not my salary is commensurate for
non-profit agencies.  My employer says they go out and poll other non-profit
agencies to see what salaries are, but when asked who these other non-profit
agencies are or where they are, they don't say.  For all I know, my salary
is being compared to someone in a third world country (although I doubt they
are doing that, but you get my point).

Bottom line: online salary web sites are only valid (if they are valid at
all) for people who work in the private sector.  If you work in the public
sector, then you know what I'm talking about.


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> Subject: [windows2000] Re: Very OT - Salary Range
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> From: "Etts, Russell" <retts@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi there
> Here is what I have seen in the past:
> Get all your information together (I know HR depts like to use
> information from salary.com).  If you feel that you are underpaid, then
> go to your manager and explain the situation.  Explain nicely that you
> would like your job, but you do not feel that you are being compensated
> fairly for the job you do.  You'd be surprised how cooperative people
> are if you're really being underpaid.
> Russell

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