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  • Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 11:11:36 -0800

From: Angus Macdonald <Angus.Macdonald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
By all means go to your employer and say "I'm worth $XXXX, give it to me or
I'll leave" but unless you are genuinely irreplaceable, better be ready to

I have an amusing story about that. One of my friends is the CIO of a small to medium sized company and was not happy at work. He decided that he'd like to leave his job and he was talking to me and some of his other friends about it. We suggested that he go in and ask for a big raise, since alot of other people in the company were being downsized at that time, it seemed like a sure way to get let go, and he'd be on unemployment while he looked for his new job. To his surprise he got a $10,000/yr raise since apparently he was fairly critical to their operations. Six months later he comes back to us and says that he's still not happy working there, and he wants to leave, so we tell him, well you just got a raise, go ask for another one, they'll think you're nuts and let you go, then you're all set. So he goes in and gives them the ultimatum routine and they give him another $10,000/yr raise since he's really good at his job. Now he's still unhappy with his job, but he says he's making so much money he can't afford to leave since no one else will pay him as much.

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