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This question crops up every few months on all the technical mailing lists.
In a nutshell, there isn't a set salary for any given post. A company will
set a salaray and if you don't feel you're worth that salary you'll move on
to another company. In my experience that's the only way to get a higher
salary, although you may miss out on other benefits as well. For example, I
earn considerably less than I could do but to make the higher salary I'd
have to move away from an easy drive to work, close proximity to mountains
and affordable housing. Those things are important to me so I stay where I
am. It all comes down to your own priorities.
By all means go to your employer and say "I'm worth $XXXX, give it to me or
I'll leave" but unless you are genuinely irreplaceable, better be ready to
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Sorry for the off-topic post but I was hoping to get some ideas on what the
job market is paying for someone with the titles Network Administrator and
Senior Network Administrator. I know the economy isn't great right now and
that our job market has taken a hit in the salary ranges. I also searched
various sites for salary comparisons but I am not sure where they get their
numbers from. One site showed that the base pay for a Sr. Network Admin in
my area (Clark, NJ) is between 70 and 90k. I don't know if it's based on
certifications or not. I work for a Credit Union and they are looking to
"restructure" the salary ranges and wanted to put my two cents in.
I have no certifications, everything I know I basically taught myself or
learned from others.
Here are some of my skills and experience:
I have an Associates Degree in Computer Technology and am currently
attending Rutgers University for a BS in Computer Science.
Exchange 5.5/2000 Administrator - 2 years
ISA Server 2000/Internet/Proxy/Firewall Administrator - 2 years
Cisco Routers - 2 years
Windows 2000/NT Network Administrator - 4 years 
Help Desk - 4 years
PC/Laptop Rollouts - 4 years 
I am also responsible for all network and email backup.
My job also is requiring me to have a working knowledge of HTML, XML, Java,
and C++ (though I don't know what the hell for and no one will give me a
straight answer)
I have a 2 page list of daily procedures that I have to check off every day.
Some of these tasks include:
Ensuring backups were successful
Checking logs on servers
Monitoring servers
Applying patches and hot fixes
Help Desk Support
We also have kiosks that I have to support and monitor as well as a phone
system. My list just keeps getting longer and longer each day and my wallet
doesn't get any thicker.
Thanks in advance for any input or advice. 

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