[windows2000] Very OT - Salary Range

  • From: "Farrugia, Paul" <pfarrugia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 12:07:11 -0500

Sorry for the off-topic post but I was hoping to get some ideas on what
the job market is paying for someone with the titles Network
Administrator and Senior Network Administrator. I know the economy isn't
great right now and that our job market has taken a hit in the salary
ranges. I also searched various sites for salary comparisons but I am
not sure where they get their numbers from. One site showed that the
base pay for a Sr. Network Admin in my area (Clark, NJ) is between 70
and 90k. I don't know if it's based on certifications or not. I work for
a Credit Union and they are looking to "restructure" the salary ranges
and wanted to put my two cents in.
I have no certifications, everything I know I basically taught myself or
learned from others.
Here are some of my skills and experience:
I have an Associates Degree in Computer Technology and am currently
attending Rutgers University for a BS in Computer Science.
Exchange 5.5/2000 Administrator - 2 years
ISA Server 2000/Internet/Proxy/Firewall Administrator - 2 years
Cisco Routers - 2 years
Windows 2000/NT Network Administrator - 4 years 
Help Desk - 4 years
PC/Laptop Rollouts - 4 years 
I am also responsible for all network and email backup.
My job also is requiring me to have a working knowledge of HTML, XML,
Java, and C++ (though I don't know what the hell for and no one will
give me a straight answer)
I have a 2 page list of daily procedures that I have to check off every
day. Some of these tasks include:
Ensuring backups were successful
Checking logs on servers
Monitoring servers
Applying patches and hot fixes
Help Desk Support
We also have kiosks that I have to support and monitor as well as a
phone system. My list just keeps getting longer and longer each day and
my wallet doesn't get any thicker.
Thanks in advance for any input or advice. 

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