[windows2000] Re: Sus and apache?

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I hear people (mostly Linux users) say how un-secure Windows is out the box,
and that for the most part is true, however, Unic/Linux and so forth is more
secure because dummies like me that doesn't have a clue, can't get the thing
running in the first place, thus, if it isn't running, wouldn't you say that
is REALLY secure? LOL!!! :-)

Seriously though, while I can't stand those (not on this list) that will
knock Windows at every chance and shove Linux/FreeBSD and so forth down your
throat at every given chance, but on the other hand, I'm a little envious
because I'm not that much into having to program everything I do. :-O
Although I was pretty proud of writing all those .bat files when i was
running a bbs awhile back! :-) Pretty impressive for a guy who up until that
time was exclusively a Mac User! :-) <putting on armor>  :-)

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>I think the "build it yourself" nature of unix/apache lends itself to being
>easier to secure than the "Out of Box" approach of Win2k/IIS.  It all
>depends on what side of the computing farm you were raised on.

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