[windows2000] Re: 32-bit virtual machines

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Get as much RAM (at least 2GB, more than 2GB would imply you'll run a 64b OS
as the host) and hd-space as you can, and use preferrably Raid0 on the ones
you get. You'll appreciate the speed with the VMs.
I run VMWare server at work on a amd x2 4400 under WinXP x64 and the same
thing at home on regular 32b WinXP. That is to say, same hw at home as at
work, and I don't see any performance pros or cons running VMWare server on 32
or 64b hw.


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Hi list,


My winter project this year is to rebuild my home network.  I'm upgrading to a
WS2003 domain from Windows 2000 (or I may venture into 2008 depending on when
that comes out).  I'm going to make use of virtualization as much as possible
and anticipate having five or six VMs.  I'm not a big fan of 64 bit OSes, so I
want to run all 32 bit ones.  When I build the machine that will host all the
virtual machines, I'll want to get as much processing power as I can
reasonably afford.  It seems, however, that all the hardcore processors these
days are 64 bit.  Will this matter?  Will I just be wasting money buying a 64
bit processor for all 32 bit OSes?  Aside from the "you should run 64 bit
OSes" responses, any thoughts on this?



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