[windows2000] Re: 32-bit virtual machines

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I know absolutely nothing about Linux.  Aside from my TiVos, I've never
interacted with it.  J  I hope one day to learn it, because I know I'd love
it.  I'm more likely to run Windows Server Core though, when that comes out.
I'm thrilled that MS finally realized that servers don't need to have
wallpapers, freecell, voice recorder, and other such nonsense.  I'm excited
about having a non-GUI OS again.  Take it back to the basics!


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Get the 64bit - at some point you may change your mind on being all 32bit.


If I were to design your _VM appliance_ to balance cost/performance, I would
get a single dual-core CPU and as much RAM as you would need to run the OSs
you want + extra for overhead and future growth.  And if you are going to
run VMWare Server, use a pared down Linux (Centos is a good choice) as the
host OS (ie no GUI).  

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