[windows2000] Re: 32-bit virtual machines

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The VMWare advantage with 64b hosts, is as far as I understand only true with
VMWare *Workstation*, which is the only VMWare software that actually supports
native 64b with native 64b executables and such. The free VMWare server et all
doesn't. Or so I've heard.


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a 64 bit host with 32 bit guests is the way to go.  You will be able to run
more 32bit vm's more efficiently. The host has overhead and VMWare, Xen, etc
were written to take advantage of 64 bit hardware.  Plus, you can cram it full
of RAM which is where you will really see things perk up. 

On Nov 27, 2007 10:52 PM, Charles R. Buchanan <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From a layman's perspective, using the 64-bit cpu for 32bit apps/os'es
and so forth is no biggy. In fact, in a lot of cases, having that 
dual/quad core cpu will make life so much better! :-)  I experimented
with XP64 for about a week and uninstalled it. It didn't like my sound
card, and I wasn't having that! lol!!! :-)  64bit computing would 
probably be great, except for a few minor annoyances, like the lack of
drivers and the lack of 64bit programs to actually run! :-O  As you know,
max out on the memory!

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 23:10:38 -0500, While Searching For The "ANY" Key, "Ray
Costanzo" < ray@xxxxxxxxxx> said this:

> Hi list,
> My winter project this year is to rebuild my home network.  I'm upgrading to
> a WS2003 domain from Windows 2000 (or I may venture into 2008 depending on 
> when that comes out).  I'm going to make use of virtualization as much as
> possible and anticipate having five or six VMs.  I'm not a big fan of 64 bit
> OSes, so I want to run all 32 bit ones.  When I build the machine that will 
> host all the virtual machines, I'll want to get as much processing power as
> I can reasonably afford.  It seems, however, that all the hardcore
> processors these days are 64 bit.  Will this matter?  Will I just be wasting

> money buying a 64 bit processor for all 32 bit OSes?  Aside from the "you
> should run 64 bit OSes" responses, any thoughts on this?
> Thanks

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