[wdmaudiodev] Re: Audio Driver Code Signing for WIN10 ?

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I am no expert, but I did read that signing rules are different between

(a) Windows 10 installed as a field update to WIndows 7 or 8, and
(b) A new installation of Windows 10.

Regrettably I can't remember in which of the many messages on the ntdev WIndows 10 signing thread this was mentioned.

My recollection was that in the former case the signing requirements are relaxed so drivers that would worked with the previous OS will continue to work with the Windows 10 update, while in the latter case the new stricter rules apply.

To me this means that it is not acceptable to test that your new driver signing policy is adequate based on testing in a Windows 10 update, you do need to test it with a new install.

Could this affect whether signing with the pre RTM certificates will work on new installations?


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Vincent Burel (VB-Audio) wrote:

Yes, Drivers signed before the WIN10 release date still work…
The problem is when you sign the driver today (whatever the expiration date of your certificate).

You have repeated this, but it is simply not true. If your certificate was issued prior to the Win 10 RTM date (August 1), you can continue to use it for signing new drivers using the same method you've always used. You don't have to change anything until your certificate expires. Then you're locked in to the attestation process.

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