[vicsireland] Re: you're out if you're over 65

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  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 20:22:17 +0100

Hi, Mike,

I believe that your problem lies in the age specified in equality legislation. 
I think, but I'm not sure, that a child is determined to be up to the age of 18 
and adults from 18 to 65. Once you hit 65 you are no longer covered by 
disability equality legislation and have to look elsewhere for support.

Can someone confirm or deny this?

Take care,

Gerry Ellis
t/a Feel The BenefIT

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How will you know when you get there?

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  Thank you Elaine,
  I'll apply, and hope for the best, But I better not hold my breath.
  I'll then as you suggest, approach the appeals officer if I can find Him\her 
and make an appointment. Wish me luck.
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    Hi mike,
    I myself am waiting about 10 years for an up date of Jaws and a reader, 
apparently, luckily for me its going to happen soon.  Well I have been refused 
much from our Health Board, but I always appeal in writing - I usually get a 
negative answer to the appeal also!  My approach is to then make an appointment 
with the Appeals Officer - it some times helps.  Find no matter how many rules 
some of these things are discretionary and the personal approach often works 
better.  I am sure the Health Board would not like to be accused of ageism!  
Keep trying Mike and good luck.  No doubt you will keep us posted.


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      Hello listers,
      I bought a new Computer and decided to enquire about getting help from 
the pool of aids, first to find out that someone had registered my version of 
      I asked then was it true that if you were over 65 you were out, and was 
told to contact my local office, I did that to discover it was true. But it was 
the fault of the health board. I rang and was told first they never heard of 
JAWS or any software for the blind, and if I had purchased it I wouldn't get a 
refund. And if they could give me one I'd have to have a medical Card, but I 
wouldn't get that till I was 70.
      I am very annoyed over this because I know there are many members and non 
members out there who are working with versions of Jaws that are ancient and 
many of them would not be able to afford 1171.65 Euro for the latest version.
      I would like if Vics could bring this up at their next AGM and find out 
where the problem lies.
      I have been on this list for years and hear members who are working 
discussing their new version of JAWS, Can you imagine how the other people with 
out of date versions feel.
      Any suggestions would be welcome.
      If I wanted a zimmer frame or a commode I'd also have to have a medical 
      I must try to stay healthy and mobile.



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