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Thank you ed,
The only people that think I'm worth it is the polotitions, they keep telling 
me that my vote is very important to them.

You are left sometimes to think that you have outlived your usefulness.
But there's life in the old dog yet!!
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  Hi Mike,   I think ageism is one of the most stupid of prejudices.   It seems 
to be the case that many people seem to have failed to notice they we all get 
old.   But the next question is what is old?   That seems to vary from 
organisation and law to law.   In reality chronological age is about the 
roughest of guides ever invented for mental or physical function.   I don't 
know for sure, but I would be very surprised if it wasn't the case that the 
range of ability or disability in a given age group probabably follows a random 
distribution curve around a mean point.   If regulations based on who needs 
what, or who is worth giving what to, are based on this mean nead then many 
people will not receive wht they need.   If the disqualification for equipment 
assistance depends on the likely increase in the functional utility to 
"society" of the individual, rather than the increased function for the benefit 
of the individual, then frequently the drop off in functional return for 
"society" is mainly brought about by society's socially determined 
categorisation of a particular age group as useless or nearly so.   If a group 
over a certainage is defined as useless and therefore not worth assistance in 
getting adaptive technology, then if the definition is correct surely that 
groupp becomes more eligible on the grounds of impairment and the need for 
compensation to those individuals in that group for their perceived 
disadvantage.   We are all equal citizens, or should be, certainly after the 
age of majority and before the age of senility.   Majority is fixed by law.   
Why should senility be also similarly fixed?   I would argue that even the age 
of majority is a very crude and discriminatory device, but at the other end of 
life it is unforgiveable.

  Sory for the length of this note, but I seem to have been running into a lot 
of ageism directed at both the old and the young recently.

  All The Best

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    Hello listers,
    I bought a new Computer and decided to enquire about getting help from the 
pool of aids, first to find out that someone had registered my version of Jaws. 
    I asked then was it true that if you were over 65 you were out, and was 
told to contact my local office, I did that to discover it was true. But it was 
the fault of the health board. I rang and was told first they never heard of 
JAWS or any software for the blind, and if I had purchased it I wouldn't get a 
refund. And if they could give me one I'd have to have a medical Card, but I 
wouldn't get that till I was 70.
    I am very annoyed over this because I know there are many members and non 
members out there who are working with versions of Jaws that are ancient and 
many of them would not be able to afford 1171.65 Euro for the latest version.
    I would like if Vics could bring this up at their next AGM and find out 
where the problem lies.
    I have been on this list for years and hear members who are working 
discussing their new version of JAWS, Can you imagine how the other people with 
out of date versions feel.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.
    If I wanted a zimmer frame or a commode I'd also have to have a medical 
    I must try to stay healthy and mobile.


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