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Hi Noreen,

Methinks it's time that we call in the NCBI community workers (and others 
involved) then!  NCBI, in my understanding, suply the equipment itself, 
which they would probably get from another blindness product dealer, or 
whomever.  Perhaps the person with a CCTV did apply some years ago, but had 
forgotten about it?  Don't forget that there were no aids given out between 
late 2002 and 2005.  Be that as it may, mistakes sometimes do get made!!

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        Flor, not so sure that this is always the case, I spoke to somebody
last week with a medical card, who was refused on the grounds that she was
66, and the fact that she had a medical card was of no advantage.  However,
the second, and puzzling part of the story was , after the person of 66 was
told she was not eligible for a grant, her friend of 80 received a CC
television, even though  she never applied, and had no idea how to use it.
The original person is now calling  into her friend to use this equipment.
Just another thought, doesn't  some of the money allocated for aids and
appliances come from Dormant accounts?  If so, surely age should not be a
factor then?

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> From personal knowledge, I can say that, if you have a medical card, or
> get
> a medical card, and then apply for something under the TAG Scheme, your
> chances of getting something along the lines of what you want are rather
> good.
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> Joan anne
> You can apply as much as you like, but these silly and discriminatory
> rules
> come into play and you're left wondering where to turn to next.
> And you will be left with a deafening silence from the powers that be.
> So boys and girls keep an eye on your birth certificates, it will be your
> turn next.
> Mike
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>  Hi Mike
>  Am I correct in that, what you are saying is that, people between the
> ages
> of 65 and 70 are not entitled to apply for equipment/adaptive software
> from
> the pool of aids scheme?
>  Joan Ann.
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>    Subject: [vicsireland] you're out if you're over 65
>    Hello listers,
>    I bought a new Computer and decided to enquire about getting help from
> the pool of aids, first to find out that someone had registered my version
> of Jaws.
>    I asked then was it true that if you were over 65 you were out, and was
> told to contact my local office, I did that to discover it was true. But
> it
> was the fault of the health board. I rang and was told first they never
> heard of JAWS or any software for the blind, and if I had purchased it I
> wouldn't get a refund. And if they could give me one I'd have to have a
> medical Card, but I wouldn't get that till I was 70.
>    I am very annoyed over this because I know there are many members and
> non members out there who are working with versions of Jaws that are
> ancient
> and many of them would not be able to afford 1171.65 Euro for the latest
> version.
>    I would like if Vics could bring this up at their next AGM and find out
> where the problem lies.
>    I have been on this list for years and hear members who are working
> discussing their new version of JAWS, Can you imagine how the other people
> with out of date versions feel.
>    Any suggestions would be welcome.
>    If I wanted a zimmer frame or a commode I'd also have to have a medical
> card.
>    I must try to stay healthy and mobile.
>    Mike.
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