[tor] Re: FDCServers (Fwd: Re: 1Gbit Hosting in EU)

  • From: Moritz Bartl <moritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: torservers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 11:40:49 +0100

On 19.02.2011 11:11, grarpamp wrote:
> Either that or put them on the short term, pay and get booted, plan :)
> Which is actually bad practice as it would leave more of a bad taste
> regarding Tor, as opposed to being upfront, and nobody wants that.

I disagree. With Softlayer it got us cheap bandwidth for 6 months, and
now the community has the benefit of knowing that they are stupid and
not interested in understanding anything.
Over the first few months, they told us SWIP is not possible. After
telling them for each and every single complaint that SWIP would help,
we got them to do it. They refused to add our abuse contact handle, so
it didn't help much, but still.
We were warned early enough (over a month before they actually shut it
down), and we did not pay a single day more than what we got. I think
that is perfect.

For me, Torservers.net has exactly that purpose: Try cheapo ISPs. Either
that, or we WILL have to buy premium. It does not help if we put all our
time into finding a cheapo ISP and then say "oh no, the support is
terrible" or "they don't fully stand behind Tor" - and at the same time
put real ISPs into the "oh no much too expensive" category. Bandwidth is
still an expensive good, even though most ISPs make it look differently
because they work on a heavily mixed calculation.

On the low end, we have to try the cheapos. On the high end, I've been
offered 200 Mbps on a premium network in Germany, the ISP is willing to
donate half of the bandwidth and doesn't mind the hardware to be seized
(as long as we pay rental fee for the time) - for 500 Euro a month.
Manitu, a known premium ISP in Germany, wants 1500 Euro for 100mbps on
their network alone.

For these ISPs, of course, I don't want to pay more than one month up

> You can also say something like "torservers is prepared to sign a"
> release, indemnification, acceptance, memorandum of understanding,
> etc.

Good idea.
Moritz Bartl

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