[THIN] Re: have a process still running after seamless app closes

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You could run it in a batch file so your initial app runs start /wait "your 
front application"

Your next line could then be qprocess | find /i "process" to check for a 
running process.  If it doesn't find the process then run TSKILL on the process 
that runs the application in the system tray and any others you want killed.

We have had to do the same thing here with an application that runs in the 
System tray.


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Thanks for the response on this, unfortunately neither these registry 
adjustments on the server (+reboot), nor publishing the app with launchit seems 
able to kill the additional exes which launch with the app when the core app is 

I have simplified the publishing to just the base application exe which 
launches 2 additional exe's when starting. After the core app is closed, these 
two exe's continue to run in the session.

If anyone has other suggestions for directions on this I'd appreciate it, as is 
it's looking like we may just have to bite the bullet and attempt to train the 
user's to close out the systray EXE during log offs . . ./sigh


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There is a Microsoft version of this key as well that has to be set...  Here is 
an example of both:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\SysProcs]



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Afternoon listies,

We have an app run in seamless mode, which is used as a starter point to ensure 
that a number of other applications can be started within the same memory space 
(same server).

One of the newer applications being launched by this starter point, has a 
secondary EXE process spawned that drops directly down to the system tray.

All is well and good, until the main starter application is closed. The spawned 
EXE's for the system tray app won't close without an end user selecting to exit 
them specifically.

Have attempted the reg mods defined in - 
http://support.citrix.com/article/ctx891671, but that hasn't done it for us so 

I was recall some kind of third party app, "launchit" "launchthis"...or 
something similar which can watch spawned processes and close them out after 
the initially launched app closes.

Not finding it in my searches, curious if anyone else is aware of a utility 
which will help us close out this little bugger of an exe.



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