[texbirds] Re: Golden cheeked warbler (Good news)

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 19:53:40 -0500

As a researcher (not bird research) I would be really irritated if the only 
reason someone had to question my results was because of who funded the 
research. Basically that would be saying that I was bought. That is a really 
inflammatory claim to any scientist. 

That said I won't hide who funds my research and nobody in the case of the 
golden-cheeked warbler study is either. Dr kostecke already said who funded it 
and it shouldn't make a difference which part of our government funded the 
project be it txdot the dod or usfws. 

My 2 cents
Toby Hibbitts 
Texas A&M (I usually post as millican because my personal opinions don't 
represent tamu but I wanted to disclose here for future reference)

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On Jul 31, 2012, at 8:47 AM, "Richard Bello" <rbello@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Agreed.   As someone who is an empirical researcher (though not in any
> aspect of biology), I know that it is possible for results to be altered
> because of unconscious "choices" and not simply because a researcher is
> maliciously altering them.
> Rick Bello
> Huntsville, Walker County
> East Texas
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> Funding source does matter and should always be fully disclosed. Or perhaps,
> it usually only starts to matter when it is NOT disclosed.
> BB,
> Hutch
> Denver, CO (soon to be Euless, TX)
> On 7/29/12, Toby Hibbitts <thibbitts39@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Funding source shouldn't matter or else the researchers should be 
>> kicked out of the university for fudging results. Truth is numbers 
>> aren't as important as total area of occupied habitat which probably 
>> has changed little in recent years.
>> Toby Hibbitts
>> Millican tx
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>> On Jul 29, 2012, at 4:29 PM, Brush Freeman <brushfreeman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> This study is controversial and not everybody buys into it given how 
>>> extrapolated it was based on aerial photos of possible habitat etc 
>>> ...While it has an amazing amount of data and maybe is good with a 
>>> lot of effort was put into it, some are not sure it makes the cut. 
>>> There are those that would like to know who really backed the funding 
>>> for this it seems. Can't say that I agree or disagree with the report 
>>> nor do I have the answers for sure, just saying it has its critics, 
>>> this I know first hand but am not going to provide that info publicly 
>>> or privately as the report may be challenged by those far more 
>>> knowledgeable than I. This is just an FYI. If this single study, as a 
>>> stand alone effort, leads toward a USFWS de-listing, then a lot of 
>>> folks may have reason be concerned. BTW TPWD recently held a meeting 
>>> to discuss potential birds to be considered as threatened on the 
>>> state level...I am not here to share that list but it should be made 
>>> public after the report is complete and the TPW Commissioners etc.
>>> have a chance to review  it....What the TPWD and USFWS do are 
>>> seperate issues as always...I am not sure the TPWD can add or 
>>> subtract any species from the endangered list but they can modify the 
>>> lists of SOC in the state for any flora or fauna.
>>> Also your link does not take one to the article or the paper, but I 
>>> am just presuming the report you are referring to is the Morrison.
>>> B
>>> On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 3:49 PM, Charles W. Easley <cwebirds@xxxxxxx> 
>>> wrote:
>>> All Texas birders:
>>> The work of the past 40-50 years by concerned Texas birders and 
>>> conservation people may be paying off. A & M researchers calculate 
>>> the rangewide population of male Golden Cheeked Warblers in Texas at 
>>> a shade over 263,000. Previous surveys counted roughly 9,000 to
>>> 54,000 birds. To understand the survey better and read about the 
>>> findings of the Fish and Wildlife Service see
>>> http://www.statesman.com/news/local/a-m-study-places-golden-
>>> cheeked-warbler.
>>> This, I believe, proves in part, that the bird is in better shape, 
>>> number wise, than we thought. And my friend, Warren Pulich, now 
>>> passed, would be excited about the findings of the survey. We can 
>>> make a difference by the things we preserve and protect.
>>> Charles Easley
>>> Life Member TOS
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>>> Brush Freeman
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>>> http://texasnaturenotes.blogspot.com/
>>> Finca Alacranes., Utley,Texas
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