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Trailer and use the cruise to prove the bus.

My $0.02.

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I am registered for the classic but am on the fence about actually 
going.  A six hour drive in an unproven bus with two small children 
aboard makes me nervous.  Is anyone else leaving from Dallas on Friday 

My options:

1.  Go with kids in the bus
2.  Drive the bus, wife follows in the suburban with kids (wife won't 
like that idea)
3.  Go in bus by myself
4.  Load bus on trailer, tow to event to camp with kids (yeah, lame but 
better than #5)
5.  Don't go, spend weekend working on bus



On 4/3/2011 5:14 PM, atx wrote:
> Bus should be ready.  It got defunkyfied this last week.  Not sure of when 
> I'll be there.
> Likely cruise down on Sat but not 100%.  How many TCBers are camping?
> Jeff

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