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you know what's the saddest thing about those spams asking you to help
get money out of Nigeria?  You get them because someone in Nigeria,
usually some really dirt poor person who has to use an internet cafe
where they can rent a computer by the hour, was sold a "spamming kit" of
software, often with their last bit of money, and they were promised it
was a way to make lots of money over the internet!  They aren't
sophisticated enough to realize no one is falling for this any more, so
it's really the sales of the spamming kit that's still making the
slyme-balls money, not the spam itself any more.


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        Comcast has its own internal filters, I believe; I was very
surprised I got a post from my friend whose ISP is loveable.com
        She has a Comcast account, as well, but she did sendit from the
loveable.com address, and I got it.
        On the other hand,I'm getting a lot of posts from Nigeria and
Russia tryhing to get my bank info; I can't believe people still fall
for these scams, but I know they do.

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                Subject: [tabi] Re: comcast made a TABI message into

                Why can't Comcast disable it?
                I'll risk sounding silly!

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into spam!

                        I have earthlink as my email provider and I also
disabled the spam/junk filter because some important messages can get
blocked.  One of the advantages of windows mail in vista is it has a
built in junk mail so by disabling the spam blocker, I can look at or
delete the trash when I have time.

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message into spam!

                                for many people, dealing with the
comcast spam filter is probably pretty difficult, so this may be the
best way (just to disable it).
                                The spam filters though available to the
ISPs are generally worlds better than what's available to end users on
their pc; but if you don't get much spam, it probably doesn't make much
difference.  if you've had the same email address though for years, as
we have, we get a lot of spam, and it does make a difference to have
comcast do some of the filtering. 


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                                Subject: [tabi] Re: comcast made a TABI
message into spam!
                                or you can disable spam on the comcast
end, and do it yourself?

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                                        Subject: [tabi] comcast made a
TABI message into spam!

                                        Hi all,
                                        just an fyi that the comcast
spam filter took the message from Betsy recently (on the new scanning
product from Serotek), and put it in my spam folder there.
                                        in order not to miss any TABI
messages, you may want to go into your spam folder on comcast, and tell
it this is not a spam message.
                                        the message is below.


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2010 9:47 PM
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                                        Subject: [tabi] Fw: Serotek
Introduces DocuScan Plus

                                        Thought some might find this


                                        Serotek Corporation, the leading
provider of accessible multi platform and cloud-based solutions which
can be accessed from anywhere, is proud to announce the release of
DocuScan Plus. This innovative software allows persons to scan and read
documents from any computer with an attached Twain-compliant scanner,
sound card and internet connection. 


                                        Serotek's DocuScan Plus offers
high-quality optical character recognition, (OCR), to convert the
printed page in to text.  This self-voicing application can read both
printed pages from a Twain-compliant scanner, as well as many types of
PDF files, including those containing text and those containing only
images.  The software also supports scanners with duplex and ADF
(automatic document feeder) capabilities.    DocuScan Plus can convert
scanned documents in to MP3 audio files for playback on many portable
devices, and the software can even convert scanned materials in to the
popular DAISY format.  For Low Vision users, DocuScan Plus also offers a
full Screen Magnifier for the reading of scanned text. This
magnification option, when combined with the self voicing features of
DocuScan Plus, allows documents to be comfortably read from the screen
as well as via text-to-speech.  Materials can also be saved in Large
Print. In this way, documents can be scanned, printed, and shared with
friends or viewed offline under a Video magnifier.  


                                        "We wanted to create an
affordable application that really took in to account the way we access
the printed word in the 21st century.", said Mike Calvo, CEO. "We don't
spend all our time on one computer, or even one device anymore, so why
should we  be using software based on that model?  When we make a
product like this, with a feature set that's useful to people with a
wide variety of disabilities,and it's just as easy to use from the
classroom computer as it is from home, we believe it has the potential
to open a lot of doors that have remained closed until now."  


                                        The DocuScan Plus software can
be used as an installed program from your personal computer, or it can
be accessed from any computer simply by visiting
http://www.DocuScanPlus.com <http://www.docuscanplus.com/> .  The
program may be purchased for only $299, or less than one third of the
cost of < /span>

                                        other scanning solutions. 


                                        Other features included are:


                                        Braille Conversion: DocuScan
Plus contains Braille translation options, allowing you to convert your
scanned pages and PDF files into a variety of different braille formats
based on the specific translation table you choose.  

                                        Save To Kindle: Wirelessly
Transfer scanned documents to the Amazon Kindle for reading on the go
using the Kindle's built in text to speech function.

                                        Export Scanned Text: Save
documents and materials to a computer or portable DAISY player for
offline reading.

                                        Encrypted Online Storage: Save
documents securely to the cloud and retrieve them from anywhere. 

                                        Additional Synthesizer Support:
Choose from a variety of synthesizers for use with this self-voicing

                                        Additional Support For Mobile
Platforms: DocuScan Plus will support some external camera and mobile
phone platforms. This functionality will come free with DocuScan Plus
and it is currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2011.


                                        DocuScan Plus may be used
independently of any other Serotek software. The application  can allow
persons to read the printed page with any Windows-based computer,
regardless of whether any access technology has been installed or is
currently running.  


                                        For more information, please
call Serotek Corporation at (612) 246-4818, or email us at
sales@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:sales@xxxxxxxxxxx> . 

                                        Visit the official DocuScan Plus
web site at http://www.DocuScanplus.com <http://www.docuscanplus.com/> 

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