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I'm sorry to hear all this Barbara; I hope you get it straightened out soon;
or I hope you just go to the basic so you don't have to deal with them any
This reminds me that I wished to mention this point to everyone: VCRs will
no longer work for recording, you can only play tapes, because they can't
record the digital signal, and they can't change the channel if you hook
them up to the output of the cable box.  This is also true for recording
DVDs (the ones which had a TV tuner in them), but they were very rare.
good luck,


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To Lynn and Chip and all the others:
I have threatened Comcast with cancelling everything.  At first they wanted
me to wait all day with no appointment time for someone to come.  Then they
gave me an appointment but it was for a week later.  So I waited.  The last
time I was so upset that I started crying.  Both dealing with that horrid
computer at the beginning and then getting nowhere with the "account
executives".  I was finally given HBO free for 3 months to make up for the
problems and I didn't ask for it.  But I would like more than just the basic
channels. It's just that you get all this garbage too.  You have no choice.
I don't have TiVo and can't use my VCR and DVD players because they are in a
place where I easily fall if I try to access them.  I learned to do for a
week without Comcast and read more and think I just need to retrain myself.
Thanks for the moral support I get on here.

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I have a horrid story also. Both my TV and Internet was down for a wk when
it could have been fist the first night. My appointment was from 1 to 4 PM
they came at 9 pm. 

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I have horror stories to tell about Comcast.  I have digital starter and
have had it for several years.  I am so sick of hearing about HD like it is
the "second coming".  I pay Comcast a little less than $70 a month and have
been without the "on demand" movies and several of the regular channnels for
over two weeks and am told by the rare person I get to talk with that these
are actually free.  A man has come inside to replace a cable box that
apparently got "fried" during a thunderstorm and someone was supposed to do
"maintenance work" outside.  But there are still things wrong.  Someone else
is supposed to come in a couple of days to check the number on the new box
which apparently is the cause of some of my ongoing problems.  The computer
at Comcast makes me scream at it and then the "account executives" apologize
and I get mad at that too.  Comcast is taking great advantage of us.  For
those who don't know, I am sighted.

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Hi Darla,


You don't need to do anything except get a new box.


FYI, for some strange reason the new box will only give you the digital
version of the same channels you had under premium basic cable; that is,
those under 100.


However, at no charge, you can call Comcast and get switched over to
"digital starter", which adds a lot of extra channels above 100.  It costs
no more than premium basic cable, and it made sense back when premium basic
was preferred by those who didn't want a cable box; this was a way comcast
was using to get people to switch to digital (by offering it at no extra


but now that we all *must* have a box for anything other than the 6 local
channels, it makes no sense not to switch us all over to digital starter!
But no, you must call and ask for it!  It's really needless.


Those 6 local channels by the way, Comcast is required by the FCC to offer
those to you in analog format (so no cable box), and at a price around $12 a
month.  So if that's all you want, insist enough and you can have just those
(now pushed to channels 2 through 7), and no cable box.


For those who want more than that, for about $15 more you can get even more
digital channels with the next level of digital plan ("digital preferred").


and for those with sighted people in the house, be aware that all this  talk
of digital cable does not mean HD at all!  You get ABC in HD (and perhaps
all the local channels in HD I'm still trying to verify that), but nothing
else.  Digital is still being sent to you by Comcast at standard TV

You have to pay more for a group of HD channels, and the first level of HD
package is $8 a month more.  These are channels numbered higher than 384; so
any channel above that is HD, but it almost always just an HD version of a
channel you're already getting in lower resolution.  Of course, you must
have a new HD TV.



It's amazingly difficult to get all of this explained to you by a Comcast
rep, and it's a modern miracle if you can find it on the Comcast web site!








Chip Orange
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Florida Public Service Commission

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necessarily reflect those of the Florida Public Service Commission.)

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It appears we don't have TV now; is it easy to reset the boxes when we get
it back?




Darla J. Rogers




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