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  • Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 14:32:58 -0500

Thanks, Lyn; actually, Tinetta Cooper called.  All I ended up having to do--but 
I may need to do what you suggest here next time--was to turn off and turn back 
on the cabhle box and wait a few minutes, but I'm saving this message for 
future use.

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  Hello All:


  If you have not called Comcast lately AKA the menus from the hot place 
resetting your TV cable box is relatively easy. After confirming your phone 
number choose the option that will send a signal to your TV cable box to reset 
it. This may take any ware from 15 to 30 minutes. 


  Also you may want to try unplugging, turning off the power source  for 30 
seconds and turning it back on.   

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    It appears we don't have TV now; is it easy to reset the boxes when we get 
it back?


    Darla J. Rogers


    Home phone #:  850-329-7437

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