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Mikael Andersson wrote:
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Can't find my CDROM drive, tried every option, no joy. Can I add a
kernel option in BootX to locate my cd drive? (Mac system profiler says
it is on ATA1, ID 0).

Have you tried mounting the CD-ROM before you run the setup script, when
you're still at the prompt? I'm presuming it's on /dev/hdc.

#mount /dev/hdc -t iso9660 -r /mnt
fails with "no medium", regardless of what CD is in the drive, the drive never even spins up.

I checked dmesg and the drive is there and correctly identified.

If you can mount the CD-ROM you're good to go - instead of installing
"from CD-ROM", just install from the directory where you mounted the

If for whatever reason you cannot, you could always make two partitions,
make one of them FAT, boot into Mac OS, copy the <CDROM>/slackware
directory from the CD-ROM onto it, then reboot into the installer, mount
the FAT partition and install from there.

Well, I guess I could, this is not getting easier. I wish I had a better Unix box handy.


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