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Forget my other email, I did not see this one before I posted it.  Paul is
correct.  You can also have an origination own a domain name.  My company
owns its domain name. 

Thomas Hilton 

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Item for the business meeting agenda:  SAC's website.

FYI - I have a new job.  I work at GoDaddy.com.  This has been my first
week on the phones as sales and support.  I'm sort of surprised by the
number of people who have lost control of their domain names.  If this
happened to SAC, we would have a difficult time proving that we own the
site (how would we prove who SAC is?).

Currently, our web administrator has not been a member since the end of
2005.  If he were to be fatally trampled by a herd of house cats, we
might be in for some difficulty getting control back if he has changed
any security settings from those Steve Coe set initially.

I propose that the control of SAC's domain name (acount number, login id,
pin number) be held by three club members, each of which have signed an
agreement that the club's domain name belongs to SAC.  So in the event
that something very bad happens, the club can site hold on to the web
site at least through the other two members.


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