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I thought that SAC formed a non-profit Corporation.  If it did, then you
have proof of an origination.
  I thought that Sac was hosted on Godaddy.  You can have Godaddy
automatically renew your domain names.
  By the way, you do not have to prove who you are to own a domain name.
  I know of two companies that was sued to give up there name, because the
company names was not registered, and infringed on another companies names.
What the other companies really wanted was the domain names. They could not
however make the companies give up there domain names, only stop using the
company name. My friend that owned one of the companies that was sued keep
the domain names for 4 years after the law suit until the company that sued
him bought the domain name from him, for a very large sum of money. So as
long as the club keeps the domain name paid for with the register, it is the

Thomas Hilton 

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This sounds like a can of worms.  But it is a can of worms we need to deal
with unless we want more problems down the road.  This is the same thing
that happened to the Prescott group.  I'd like for it to not happen to SAC.

Hope this helps,
---- Paul Dickson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Item for the business meeting agenda:  SAC's website.
> FYI - I have a new job.  I work at GoDaddy.com.  This has been my first
> week on the phones as sales and support.  I'm sort of surprised by the
> number of people who have lost control of their domain names.  If this
> happened to SAC, we would have a difficult time proving that we own the
> site (how would we prove who SAC is?).
> Currently, our web administrator has not been a member since the end of
> 2005.  If he were to be fatally trampled by a herd of house cats, we
> might be in for some difficulty getting control back if he has changed
> any security settings from those Steve Coe set initially.
> I propose that the control of SAC's domain name (acount number, login id,
> pin number) be held by three club members, each of which have signed an
> agreement that the club's domain name belongs to SAC.  So in the event
> that something very bad happens, the club can site hold on to the web
> site at least through the other two members.
>       -Paul

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