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  • Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 8:13:09 -0800

Paul et all,
Membership - Yea I guess I slipped up by not being able to attend meetings due 
to work scheduling conflicts.

As for account settings, the ISP hosting is in Steve Coe's name and I have not 
changed password information. So at least two people already have the ability 
to access the account. Yet steve is the only one who can make a phone call and 
shut it down / change things. So the real issue is who the ISP will allow to 
access and make changes over the phone. Right now a phone call from Steve, 
because he holds the account details (credit card etcetera), is the only way to 
fix things with the ISP. He alone has the ability to walk the website away from 
the club. I could change content on the site, but am not able to create more 
damage than a content change.

As for who the domain name saguaroastro.org is registered to, that is a good 
question. A domain name search shows this information as private.
Perhaps your abilities within Godaddy can provide better details to the club.

P.S. I let it slip, but if I had received a reminder about my dues, I would 
have sent a check. What will it take $$ to get back in good standing?

Stan Clark

---- gene lucas <geneluca@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Loss of a domain name typically comes about because the annual fees for 
> registration are not kept up to date.  (Recently, Harbor Freight Tools, 
> of all companies, evidently went through that......)  However.....other 
> situations can happen.
> I understand Bob Stephens (long-time Treasurer of RTMC and IAPPP-West, 
> now SAS, both non-profit corporations in California), had a struggle 
> with the domain names when the hosting ISP went bankrupt and was bought 
> out by another company several years ago.  The domain registration 
> authority mistakenly assigned both domain names to the new ISP owner.  
> Bob had to fight to get that straightened out.  However, since he is 
> head of a CPA firm with an in-house lawyer (Fox & Stephens in Rancho 
> Cucamonga, CA), the situation was settled pretty rapidly, after Bob 
> captured ALL of the domain names held by the defunct ISP!
> As Paul will likely explain, there is a web site (or sites) where you 
> can inquire as to the current status of ownership and (perhaps more 
> importantly) the registered agent for particular domain names.  (The 
> registered agent could be the hosting ISP, in which case, you might have 
> trouble down the road if the business changes hands.....)  You can also 
> research to see if a name that you may be considering registering is 
> already taken.  The AZ Corporation Commission has a similar site, for 
> corporation and business names.
> FYI, nonprofit corporations in Arizona must file an annual report, in 
> order to keep current.
> For SAC, this might amount to having a set of members who would 
> constitute a group of "trustees" to stand up for and maintain such 
> annual registrations.  Some corporations hire a "statuatory agent" 
> (typically a lawyer), who takes care of that (for a retaining fee).
> The club might also consider registering/trademarking the SAC (Saguaro 
> Astronomy Club) name and logo with the U.S. Patent Office.
> Gene Lucas
> (17250)
> AJ Crayon wrote:
> >This sounds like a can of worms.  But it is a can of worms we need to deal 
> >with unless we want more problems down the road.  This is the same thing 
> >that happened to the Prescott group.  I'd like for it to not happen to SAC.
> >
> >Hope this helps,
> >aj
> >---- Paul Dickson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> >  
> >
> >>Item for the business meeting agenda:  SAC's website.
> >>
> >>FYI - I have a new job.  I work at GoDaddy.com.  This has been my first
> >>week on the phones as sales and support.  I'm sort of surprised by the
> >>number of people who have lost control of their domain names.  If this
> >>happened to SAC, we would have a difficult time proving that we own the
> >>site (how would we prove who SAC is?).
> >>
> >>Currently, our web administrator has not been a member since the end of
> >>2005.  If he were to be fatally trampled by a herd of house cats, we
> >>might be in for some difficulty getting control back if he has changed
> >>any security settings from those Steve Coe set initially.
> >>
> >>I propose that the control of SAC's domain name (acount number, login id,
> >>pin number) be held by three club members, each of which have signed an
> >>agreement that the club's domain name belongs to SAC.  So in the event
> >>that something very bad happens, the club can site hold on to the web
> >>site at least through the other two members.
> >>
> >>    -Paul
> >>
> >>
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >
> >  
> >

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