[sac-board] Re: Worrying about SAC's Website

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 18:34:43 -0700

Stan gave me two sets of information. The first is to access the site, the
second is to post to he site. 

Sounds like you'll have to query Steve for the info you're looking for. I
think I understand it.

Clear Skies

Rick Tejera

President, Editor SACnews

Saguaro Astronomy Club

Phoenix, Arizona



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On Sat, 27 Jan 2007 13:11:08 -0700, Rick Tejera wrote:

> > > Ok, Stan just assed the access info to me. I will put it a text
> > > print it and stash it. I think it should be held by at least two board
> > > Most logical would be the President & Secretary (Jenn, you ok with
> >
> > Does this include the second customer number and password for
> > domainsbyproxy.com for the privacy we have on our domain name?
> If I knew what you were talking about, I might be able to answer the
> question. =20

Our web site has privacy enabled for the WhoIs database.  An account on
DomainsByProxy.com was created when our web site was transferred to
withhold the personal info, see:

Having access to this account is very important if we every want to drop
the privacy (it more than doubles the price of renewing or we want to
transfer the domain to a different domain) or access it to get an SSL
certificate to authenicate web access.

If you don't have this info, then hopefully Steve is still using the same
E-mail account that he set it up with.


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