[sac-board] Re: Worrying about SAC's Website

  • From: Paul Dickson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 11:51:05 -0700

On Sat, 27 Jan 2007 8:13:09 -0800, Stan Clark <theprof@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Paul et all,
> Membership - Yea I guess I slipped up by not being able to attend
> meetings due to work scheduling conflicts.

I started this thread is only partially due to you not currently being a
SAC member.  It mostly has to do with you being the only one who
absolutely knows the password for the account (Steve's not so sure any

My feeling, is that SAC as an organization should get its act together
regarding the web site.  If something were to happen to you and Steve did
not have enough info to reestablish ownership, the club would be in a
world of hurt.

> As for account settings, the ISP hosting is in Steve Coe's name and
> I have not changed password information. So at least two people
> already have the ability to access the account. Yet steve is the
> only one who can make a phone call and shut it down / change
> things. So the real issue is who the ISP will allow to access and
> make changes over the phone. Right now a phone call from Steve,
> because he holds the account details (credit card etcetera), is the
> only way to fix things with the ISP. He alone has the ability to
> walk the website away from the club. I could change content on the
> site, but am not able to create more damage than a content change.

Actually you have all the info necessary to call-in when you access the
account.  You would be walked through getting that info.

If the account were a car, having access to the account would not only
mean having the keys, but the title too.

> As for who the domain name saguaroastro.org is registered to, that
> is a good question. A domain name search shows this information as
> private.  Perhaps your abilities within Godaddy can provide better
> details to the club.

What you're referring to is a Whois search.  One example is
whois.godaddy.com, another dnsstuff.com.  Because privacy is being used,
there is a second account on domainsbyproxy.com that is holding e-mail
for SAC's domain.  This can be set to auto-forward if needed.

> P.S. I let it slip, but if I had received a reminder about my dues,
> I would have sent a check. What will it take $$ to get back in good
> standing?

There is a line between reminding and harassing.  I set it at one
reminder last year (Feb 22) and you replied four days later that you were
sending a check that day.  I brought the subject up with Rick at least
one time (maybe several) but I don't know whether he sent you a reminder
or not.

Anyway, 2006 is in the past.  You just need to pay for 2007.  :-)


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