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OK Richard. FWIW Strowger sold his patents in 1896.

Thanks but as you know lenses I know this history. It was my career for some
time. I do not want to continue this as it seems to be something of an ego
trip for you to outdo me. So I will leave it be. Thanks for the information.

Peter K

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> Nope, IT&T was not in the mix there. They were elsewhere. They originated
> from the Puerto Rican Tel Company. Later owned STC in the UK, BTN in Belgium
> and others. They invented the crossbar switch and Pulse-Code-Modulation.
> Eventually they sold the telecom stuff to Alcatel, now Alcatel-Lucent.
>   FWIW, Strowger got his patent on the stepping switch in 1891. He began an
> independant telephone company to use it. This company eventually become
> Automatic Electric.
>   The cross-bar switch was developed in 1913 by J.N.Reynolds at Western
> Electric.
>   General Telephone has a long and very complicated history. The Name dates
> from 1935 but the origins probably date back to 1918. General did eventually
> control Automatic Electric but AE was well established as a supplier of
> telephone equipment to independant (non-Bell system) telephone companies
> long before that. General, and its predecessor companies, bought up a great
> many small, independant telephone companies, mostly small town companies all
> throughout the 1920s to perhaps the 1960s. One of the problems GT had was
> that equipment was not standardized as it was in the Bell System and service
> was often inferior.
>    Note that by the time the cross-bar switch had been patented the
> original Strowger patents had expired.
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Peter K

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