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  • From: John Lewis <john.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 11:04:03 +0900

> Dear Pythonauts,
> ...............................
> I have a garage load of scrap bikes and parts but no welding
> experience and a budget that will not stretch to TIG nor MIG.
> I can buy a "buzz-box" new for $79 or an AC/DC welder for $104.
> Is DC a real advantage?
> I have some confidence that by sufficient trial and error on scrap
> tubing I can teach myself to weld - classes at a distant technical
> college are not practical for me.
> If any have the time to advise on how "to get my feet wet" I will be
> most grateful
> Regards to all
> Brian in SC USA

I taught myself to weld. I built my first bikes with a buzz box. I now
have a small dc welder of the type that doesn't have a transformer. I
think its called a switching supply. It is heaps better than the buzz
box but I can happily use either. These are stick welders.

I found the greatest help was one of the self darkening helmets.

I use 1/16" rods. Some are better than others. I'm using 6013 at the
moment and they are inclined to stick.

The trick with thin tube is to keep the current down. Below 60A is good.
Lower if really thin tube.
I only weld 1/2" at a time. Let it cool, clean and weld another 1/2".
Slow but it helps to not burn holes in the tube.

I'm only a few years behind you. If I can do it I think anybody can.

I'm sure others on this list can give better advise than me. Hope this

I've built 8 bike. Working on No9 now. I have yet to build a  python but
it is the next project.

John Lewis

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