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  • From: dan chambers <d.chambers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 09:56:16 +0000

Dear Brian,

I would suggest some brazing rather than welding. 

An oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane set is pretty cheap, especially if you can get 
a used set without all the cutting
parts. The comsumables are easy to find, no special helmets required. It's much 
more tolerant of thinner walled
tubing, poor cleaning and larger joint gaps. Even with the best TIG, gaps over 
0.025" are hard to bridge safely.
Clean up after brazing is more of a hassle though...

I started my framebuilding career with lugless brass, moved on to 40% silver 
and lugs, on to TIGged steel, and now
TIGged aluminium. Of the 5 methods, personally I find welding thin steel the 
most difficult even with $3000 welder
(let alone a $100 buzz box), brazing steel is definitely the easiest to start.

All the best,

Dan Chambers
Draft Wheelchairs UK

Quoting BRIAN N SMITH <briannsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dear Pythonauts,
> After 70+ years of cycling I bought a rear-drive under-steer Actionbent
> recumbent  <www.actionbent.com> and now have more than 32,000 km virtually
> trouble free. It is a delight to ride - so why should I pine for a python?
> But I do. Even now in my 81st year.
> I have a garage load of scrap bikes and parts but no welding experience and a
> budget that will not stretch to TIG nor MIG.
> I can buy a "buzz-box" new for $79 or an AC/DC welder for $104.
> Is DC a real advantage?
> I have some confidence that by sufficient trial and error on scrap tubing I
> can teach myself to weld - classes at a distant technical college are not
> practical for me.
> If any have the time to advise on how "to get my feet wet" I will be most
> grateful
> Regards to all
> Brian in SC USA


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