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  • From: Stephan Schöling <stephan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 08:54:19 +0100

Dear Brian,

i bought a cheap "buzz-box" and would say its nearly wasted money.
Try to find a used mid-priced machine.
I had the chance to use the one of a friend, its a big difference and a real advantage. Learning isnt the problem. I took different pieces from the srab and later the cutted ends of the original frame tubings and joined them to get a feeling about welding. A pro welder would do a better job, the seams are not really good, but useable.
... or do the cuttings and let a professional do this job.

Best regards and "good luck" ;-)


BRIAN N SMITH schrieb:
Dear Pythonauts,
After 70+ years of cycling I bought a rear-drive under-steer Actionbent recumbent <www.actionbent.com> and now have more than 32,000 km virtually trouble free. It is a delight to ride - so why should I pine for a python? But I do. Even now in my 81st year. I have a garage load of scrap bikes and parts but no welding experience and a budget that will not stretch to TIG nor MIG.
I can buy a "buzz-box" new for $79 or an AC/DC welder for $104.
Is DC a real advantage?
I have some confidence that by sufficient trial and error on scrap tubing I can teach myself to weld - classes at a distant technical college are not practical for me. If any have the time to advise on how "to get my feet wet" I will be most grateful
Regards to all
Brian in SC USA

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