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r.mccrady@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
It looks like that has a steering head angle of about 90 degrees and a large rake. Is that right?Traylor's plans call for an angle of 65 degrees and a rake of 1 inch, I think. How did you choose those steering parameters? I'd really like to see any more information you can provide, as I'm preparing to build one of these, probably this weekend, and I had planned on using the parameters above. I'm especially interested in the details of the joint between the front fork and the dropouts for the front wheel. Thanks for the photo and info. -Rod PS: I think I'll try it without handlebars first.
The Speculoos is a FWD two wheeled recumbent bike developed by Laurent Dechenne http://les-velos-de-laurent.skynetblogs.be/ It features a drive train like the TT with 100mm positive trail, but in order to reduce pedal induced steering he claims the bottom bracket height must be level to the seat height and the pivot angle should be between 55° and 60°.


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