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Well, the nice thing about a swing boom being made out of an existing bike
is you just use what's already there.  If you start re-bending fork legs and
chopping head tubes to adjust angle and traill, it's probably easier to
build from scratch.  The two guys that have the swing booms said they'd sent
me some photos, but who knows when that'll be.  For the one I was going to
make, I was simply going to extend the FD tube up and connect it to the fork
crown instead of running it up to the handle bars.

| It looks like that has a steering head angle of about 90 degrees and a
large rake. Is that right?Traylor's plans call for an angle of 65 degrees
and a rake of 1 inch, I think. How did you choose those steering parameters?
I'd really like to see any more information you can provide, as I'm
preparing to build one of these, probably this weekend, and I had planned on
using the parameters above. I'm especially interested in the details of the
joint between the front fork and the dropouts for the front wheel. Thanks
for the photo and info.
| -Rod
| PS: I think I'll try it without handlebars first.
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| > Diggin up another old post . . .
| >
| > I helped two friends build two swing boom FWDs like Tom Traylor's and a
| > friend of mine built another one
| > (http://georgianbents.ca/trikefest%20fwd%20aug%202005.jpg), only they
| > look quite as refined as Tom's. Both of my friends' were no-weld
| > but I took the one bike and welded all the joints and removed and filled
| > the bolt holes (as best I could, anyway). The yellow bike was really
| > to ride because the back rest kept twisting on it. The one guy moved and
| > just heard back from him so I'm hoping he can send me some pictures of
| > swing boom bent.
| >
| > For riding, they didn't feel anything like the python, at least in my
| > and they all had a fairly upright seating position. When you first
| > pedalling, you had to counter steer with the opposite arm and to turn it
| > a matter of fighting your arms with your legs or vice versa. This was
| > when first riding it, because after a few minutes, the control really
| > smoothed out as you relaxed. Still being a novice on it, I found my arms
| > and legs were moving as if I was walking and slight opposite pressure
| > my arms would counter the pedal force, so I sort of did the "salmon
| > steer" thing. When both my friends rode, they were as smooth as silk and
| > one of them could ride with no hands as he had been commuting on his
| > 15km round trip) for nearly two weeks. I was amazed because I had to
| > pretty firm pressure on the handle bars at all times and couldn't
| > taking my hands off. Also, this was after I had over 500km on the
| > so I was fairly competent at riding with just foot and hip control.
| >
| > I still want to build one of them anyway and there's no reason you have
| > use 26" wheels in a 26" frame so for ease, I'll maybe take a 27" frame
| > use 24" wheels. I really want to give the design a chance and see what
| > rides like if I get used to it. I'm really starting to prefer a laid
| > seat angle for better aerodynamics, like 30 degrees or flatter, but I
| > know how that will adapt to a swing boom, or even the python trike. I
| > I'll just have to try it and find out.


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