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  • From: Jürgen Maier <juermaier@xxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 14:02:53 +0100

> > | the Cruzbike is a Tom Traylor (TT) clone and the easiest-to-build 
> > | recumbents I know. I reckon that one always needs some "arm action" 
> > | to counteract the pedal induced steering, but I am sure one gets 
> > | used to it. 

> > | 
> > | Once Jürgen Maier has built a TT-clone and I wonder how he is getting 
> > | along with it in the meantime. Any others here in this list with 
> > | Cruzbike experiences? 
> > | 
> > | Cheers, 
> > | Jürgen. 

I agree with Jürgen, riding a TT or cruzbike is like skating, i have to push 
forward and
On my TT testbike i could move the frontwheel forward and backward, so > a - b <
changed (look at the attached drawing).
When a is same than b the pedal induced steering force disappears, even better 
a is bigger than b.
a and b are the leverarms and the hub serves as turning point, when you look 
from the top.

Greetings Jürgen Maier
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